Author: Margaret Lipps Van Bavel

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The Boonville Book is the story of a ghost town, the first county seat of Brazos County, named Boonville after the pioneer hero of the early nineteenth century, Daniel Boone.

The town site of 150 acre was laid out in 1841, only five years after Texas became independent from Mexico.

Incredible hardships were endured to survive those early years in the wilderness.

Especially by the woman who often had to raise large families.

Boonville could not have survived without the guiding spirit of Harvey Mitchell, the same individual who, in 1871, convinced the site committee for a grand college, now Texas A & M University, to be established near Bryan.

Only the Boonville Cemetery survives today as a monument to the pioneers who laid the foundation for Brazos County.

Birth and Death of Boonville: First Town of Brazos County


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