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About the Society


The year was 1975. On the corner of 30th and Haswell in Bryan an 1870s Italianate-villa-style brick home sat, slowly falling into ruin, in very real danger of being bulldozed. A small group of concerned neighbors banded together to save this endangered local landmark, their effort ultimately giving a new lease on life to the historic Cavitt House, named after its builder, William Richard Cavitt. In 1976, the Cavitt House received its National Historic marker.


Preserving this architectural treasure, considered to be one of oldest large homes in Brazos County, became the catalyst for forming the Citizens for Historic Preservation, re-named the Brazos Heritage Society in 1993. Building on this first successful preservation effort, the Brazos Heritage Society has continued its mission to preserve and restore valuable historical resources in Brazos County, and educate the County’s citizens about the value of our local history.

What We Do

Past Projects


The Brazos Heritage Society works together with local municipalities to preserve history and sites of historic significance either in dedications or by entire preservation initiatives.

Some of our past, notable projects include:

  • Cavitt House

  • Hudson-Harrison House

  • Heritage Park

  • Historic District

  • Historic Preservation Work

  • Historical Marker for the Boonville Jail

Current Projects

  • Temple Freda Restoration (in conjunction with the Friends of Temple Freda)


What began as a neighborhood 4th of July celebration in the Eastside Historic District has developed into the more formal 4th of July in Heritage Park, a free community event put on by the Brazos Heritage Society. This morning event features a flag raising and tribute by The Sojourners, a children’s parade, a live band, refreshments, and a number of exhibitors booth put up other local non-profit groups in Brazos County.


We also set up a booth at several local events such as Boonville Days in October, Worldfest in November, and Spirit of Texas in April. Our booths showcase information on our latest project(s), a model of Boonville (courtesy of Mrs. Sheila Fields), a map showing where the Old 300 settlers lived before they moved to Austin’s Colony, antique books, books for sale, and a butter-churning demonstration.

We also hold an Annual Membership Meeting each February with a free program, information about the past year's events and accomplishments, and state-of-the-organization information.



Brazos Heritage Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, governed by an Executive Committee. While we do not currently hold monthly meetings, we do hold an annual meeting in February of each year; the meeting is open to the public.

Executive Committee:

President: Stephanie A. Hilliard

Vice President: Leo Gonzales

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary/Research Chair: Sheila Fields

Events Chair: Randy Hilliard

Membership Chair: Vacant

Community Relations Chair: Randy Haynes

Preserving the past for future generations.

Our Mission

Our Vision

The Brazos Heritage Society will serve as the premier resource for fostering public awareness of Brazos County’s rich history and valuable historic resources through strategic partnerships, community outreach, and high-quality educational materials.

Our Mission

The Brazos Heritage Society is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Brazos County, specifically to identify, document, and preserve the architecture and historical context of Brazos County; promote the community’s appreciation of its history through advocacy and educational programs; combat the deterioration of older parts of our community through education, advocacy, and special projects.

We Value Your Support!

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