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Temple Freda Restoration Project

Phase I-B (Ongoing)



  • The foundation will be supplemented with a steel beam to improve its load bearing capacity.


  • During phase I-A, temporary work on the roof stopped the water damage in the building. However, a new permanent roof will still need to be installed.

  • The roof also needs improvement of the trusses from side-to-side.

  • The ceiling will need to be completely removed, both to facilitate the roof work and to replace the once elegant, but now dangerously deteriorated pressed metal.


  • Some additional structural brick work is needed on the south wall at the east end where an arch is failing.



  • The front and rear door systems will be renovated or replaced as appropriate to enhance the weather tightness and security of the building.

  • A new window will be built and installed at the back of the building; the previous window was destroyed when the brick wall started collapsing.

  • The south wall at the east end of the building will be renovated.

  • There is a partition wall behind the ark that separates the sanctuary from a classroom area at the back of the building. This partition wall will be raised back into place as it has shifted some 4" from its original location.


  • The antique stove, the ark, the pews, and any other furnishings will be removed and stored.


The final goal of Phase I-B is for the "envelope" of the building to be fully secure, allowing renovation of the interior to begin.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our  Temple Freda fundraiser!

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